A Vegan Thanksgiving - Our favorite Thanksgiving

A Vegan Thanksgiving - Our favorite Thanksgiving

This was a Thanksgiving we will never forget and truly changed the way we feast from that moment on.  My husband and I have been fans of the work of Ellie & Jay - the founders of Gentle Barn for many years.  They are doing amazing, difficult work and are an inspiration as Animal Welfare Advocates and as humans.  (A portion of our Pet Waste Bag sales is donated to help with all the good they are continuing to do.)

So when I got an email from them saying we could share our day of Thanks at the animal sanctuary in Tennessee - I knew we had to!!!

We broke the news to our families (they got over it) - that we'd be a few days delayed in returning home for the holidays and it was such a special event. 

We toured the sanctuary - we loved on all the beautiful animals that live there now in peace and kindness.  We drank - we dined on the most scrumptious vegan meal and sat with all brand new friends.

It was really in meeting all these other amazing humans - who are doing so much good in the choices that they make and in volunteering and rescuing - that has continued to inspire us still today to make better choices in what we eat - and how we live with a much deeper awareness of ALL the living creatures around us.

To learn more about sharing this day with the amazing folks and beautiful, kind, creatures at the Gentle Barn in Tennessee - check them out - the day was family-friendly - you can also check their website to visit their many locations during their weekend hours.