About Us

A Family Business

Doggy Do Good is a mom & pop (and pup!) run shop located in Royal Oak, Michigan. After rescuing one pup, named Olive, and a "foster-failure" named Annie, our founders decided rescuing just wasn't enough (Besides, their modest Royal Oak home didn't have much space for more animals - although one founder has tried to convince the other that it does).

Donating to Animal Rescues & No-Kill shelters, on a much larger scale, seemed like the next best option. So they created Doggy Do Good, a pet supply company with purpose - where every purchase gives back to the rescues and sanctuaries that so desperately need it.


The Family Behind DDG


Olive Bean / Executive Cuteness Officer


Annie Banannie / Chief Barketing Manager

How We're Different

Our bags are 38% Vegetable-Based and a great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags because they are Certified HOME Compostable. They're made in part from corn-starch, an annually renewable resource, and other bio-based proprietary components. When composted in your properly managed home compost, our bags are safer for the environment and break down within 6-12 months. Learn more about Home Composting with Doggy Do Good here.

That’s the Doggy Do Good difference!The Doggy Do Good Difference