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Cammie & Hugo - April 'Pet of the Month' Winners!

Cammie & Hugo - April 'Pet of the Month' Winners!

April Doggy Do Good pet of the Month Winners

"Cammie (6 yrs old & Calico) was my first companion when I first moved to Ohio by myself. She was that cat who pushed her nose against her cage at the shelter to get my attention and wouldn’t let me leave without her. She’s always loved attention and will run around in circles chasing her tail for guests. She is sassy and sweet. Along with her brother, she has two boy cat cousins who live with my sister, and Cammie is the “queen” of the roost whenever we visit. I love her little brown cheek “kiss” as I call it.

I adopted Hugo (4 yrs old & Gray/White) from a shelter a couple of years later. He was a shy boy, having been sadly abused by previous owners. But now he’s healthy, and he loves to curl up in my lap and give kisses. Once he warms up to you, he’ll reach up to give you paw hugs, too. And yes, his pupils are always big and adorable when he’s trying to beg for more treats.

They were both great traveling buddies when I moved back to Texas to be near family this past year, and they enjoy trips to “Grandma’s” house where they get extra rubs and attention.“

Background information provided by their Paw-rent - Mary

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