I can't stop CRYING at Gentle Barn, California

I can't stop CRYING at Gentle Barn, California

Ok, I was a little bit of a mess - it was a Sunday - Mother's Day, actually - we had just arrived at The Gentle Barn (one of our donation sanctuaries).  A group had been seated all together - that would be walking thru and here I am among all these adorable HAPPY families - they're just excited to spend the day with animals at a 'farm' and I'm sobbing . . . .  (My husband's pretty patient with it at this point)

Despite my unhinged emotions - We had an awesome experience and opportunity to visit The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita California - it's just 40 minutes from LA - and you can visit on Sundays to meet the rescued animals and walk around - perhaps have some Vegan snacks etc.  What a brilliant way to talk about and teach compassion and kindness for all living things.

Well, what I wasn't anticipating was having the opportunity to meet the AMAZING Ellie and Jay - the humans behind all of the Gentle Barn Sanctuaries (TN, MO etc) - Ellie told a beautiful story about a cow in a horrible backyard butcher situation - which they rescued but didn't know she had a calf that was left behind (it was Mother's Day after all) - the farmer was hiding it and they ended up figuring it out and going back to save her baby and they live together right here at the Sanctuary!!!!   I mean . . . . I'm sobbing just writing this - so you can imagine me in person.

I eventually pulled it together and was able to chat with them about our Pet Company and our mission to create earth-friendly products - while also giving back.  It was a wonderful experience - they are very strong human beings and it taught me a wonderful lesson - crying and hurting about cruelty or injustice is fine because it's awful - but - there needs to be ACTION in there too.  If I want to help and make changes in the world - I need to stop crying about it and DO SOMETHING about it - Do Something GOOD.  It is only in thru the process of doing that real changes will be made and all of your tears will actually have an impact.

Please check out The Gentle Barn Sanctuaries - and consider supporting this great place - or perhaps plan a visit for your family!!

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