La Posada - A Pet Friendly Hotel

La Posada - A Pet Friendly Hotel

La Posada Hotel Winslow Arizona

So, I just finished writing a post about how it's near to impossible to stay at a hotel comfortably with your pup.  It's expensive and stuffy and can sometimes cause stress for our little furry nugget as she's cute and people love to pet her and it can freak her out (I get it). 

And then I remembered La Posada Hotel in Winslow, AZ. - perhaps our only amazing hotel with pup experience.

My husband, pup and I were road-tripping out West and I demanded to be "standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona - such a fine sight to see."  That's right - I love The Eagles - and if we're passing by anyway. . .  STOP!! 

There's not much to see in Winslow other than this corner and La Posada Hotel.  But worth an overnight.  The hotel is stunning and well maintained - with a beautiful restaurant - The Turquoise Room - that has traditional Native American fare and the hotel's decor is Southwestern.

Lots of outdoor green space for your pup to roam - which is a rarity when traveling.  This hotel used to be a train stop and I believe they are trying to get this tradition up and running again.  It was a resort destination for Hollywood Stars to retreat and relax when they needed some time away.  All of the rooms are named after a Star of the Silver Screen or Entertainer of some genre - We stayed in the Jackie Gleason Room.

There was a Pet Fee but it was a deposit and was returned minus $10 once the room was cleaned and assessed for damages. 

I don't know that we'll need to stop in Winslow again - but - we're happy we did and will rave about this hotel to anyone that happens to be passing by. 

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