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Meet Coco! May's Pet of the Month Winner!

Meet Coco! May's Pet of the Month Winner!

Coco was born on a farm near Brookville PA to her mommy Phyllis and her daddy Hoss. She was one of the feistiest of her littermates, but she quickly settled when she came to her forever home. She made friends with many dogs, including many admirers in the Dog Park. Her best friends were Sage the Basset Hound and Chloe the Magnificent. At this point, Coco had grown up to be a fine proud piggy!

Eventually, when her Pig-Keeper went away to work for many months at a time, she made her forever piggy friend Harriet at the Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue (@pigsburghsquealers). Harriet’s Pig Dad had died so it was a must for Harriet to become part of the family.

Coco’s likes include eating treats like peanuts, carrots, grapes, chocolate, and anything else she thinks is yummy. She loves to solicit scritches from her Pig-Keeper. When she is outside, she likes sunbathing, foraging for tasty plants, and walking around the yard. At night, she, of course, snuggles with her bestie Harriet. Her favorite hobby is getting treats out of her Kong and other toys in her toy pile. She also loves making her bed and will arrange it for an hour to get it just right.

Like most people, Coco dislikes the cold and the rain. She also has no taste for onions, green peppers, and garlic. And of course, she dislikes waiting for breakfast and dinner!

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