A Doggy Do Good Day!!

A Doggy Do Good Day!!

Today is pawsome!!

I woke up with my tail thumping from happiness. 

Our bed is so big and comfy.

I sleep sideways between my pawrents - so I can touch them both at once.  That way, I know they are both warm and happy. 

I love mornings because they come with treats. They call them vitamins, but they're treats.

Then cereal for breakfast (that's kibble)

Then we go for a long walk.

I pooped.  It was the best.

When we were at the coffee shop a few people walked by and I got one lick on each of their legs.  score!!  

But no pup cup today.  rude.  I was waiting outside though - so they probably couldn't see how cute I am.  Cause it ALWAYS works at the drive-thru  

We're back home now - and I'm ready for a nap. 

Later, probably gonna poop again  . . . 

Lounge in the sun . . .

more napping . . .

treats . . . another walk . . . 

dinner . . . 

Hope your day is pawsome too.