Pet Sitting - A Perfect Combo of Travel and Furiends.

Pet Sitting - A Perfect Combo of Travel and Furiends.

Pet Sitting

Just a few weeks ago I was staying steps from the Ocean in Marina Del Ray, California - sounds dreamy?  Add in two small pups. . . even dreamier!!  That's right - I was Pet Sitting Pico & Penny - one elderly and nearly blind pup - who enjoyed snoozing and walks on the beach and the other a spunky little lady up for whatever the day may hold.  Both were so sweet and in need of a surrogate parent while theirs were traveling for eight days.  So I volunteered myself and my pet parenting services.  And it was amazing!!  Living in a gorgeous location, with two new furiends.  This is the ultimate vacation with free accommodation - in my opinion.

I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon this amazing resource.  I was obviously daydreaming about staying in the mountains of California and up popped  I had heard about folks that live a somewhat nomadic lifestyle and bounce from home to home.  SImply caring for the house, yard, mail, fur-family (if they can't travel) and seemed like a really interesting adventure.

So I signed us up - it's all review based - similar to Airbnb or other services that are exchange based.  And we got going.  I booked us (the whole family Olive pup included) on a month sit outside of Chicago - right away - with no reviews - just some messages back and forth.  And we had an incredible month and cared for Duke - a little pup that was pumped for life (he actually did these little twirly spin/jumps when he got excited which was hard not to laugh out loud each time).  His family was traveling Asia for the month and living in a Chicago suburb in the fall was truly a beautiful gift for us.

(Side logistical note : While we are away we rent out our house - so it becomes a source of additional income.)

Then, I did some sits independently - flying in and out of Los Angeles, because, well . . . California.  I've stayed with Della a few times in West Hollywood - Two Cats (Thor & Wim) and Two Pups (Jack & Stella) in Atwater Village (see Stella in the picture)  While in town I am just seeing friends - taking some classes - but basically just loving on these furbabies and living (reading, writing, hiking) - It's become a very addictive side hobby.  

I LOVE to travel + I LOVE everyone's pets. . . . this really works.

Here's another advantage.  Time apart is AMAZING for a partnership.

As a business team #twopeepsandapup - my husband and I work together running a Pet Company and that is great.  We can be anywhere (a complete gift) allowing us to spend SO much time together. . . traveling together. . . exploring together. . . working together. . . eating together. . . sharing together. . . (I'm feeling suffocated just writing this - just kidding . . . I'm hiding in the bathroom)  You can see where this is going.  Like with anything there can be too much of a good thing and there are a few obstacles to being constantly together.  But I have found that pet sitting and traveling independantly has been a huge help in giving us more space.  And you know the saying (occasional) "distance makes the heart grow fonder". 

If you're anything like me and love to be traveling - exploring new or familiar areas and making more four-legged friends.  Give this a try, there are a variety of sites available but we use Trusted House Sitter.  They have international sits as well (if you fancy a few months in France. . . I mean) - and all over the U.S. - it seems more and more folks are trusting the site as their name implies.  It is a paid service for both the hosts and the sitters - plus a profile must be completed but after that, you're ready to begin.  What a winning way to spend your Vacay.  Happy Travels.