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Winnie The Dood - October 'Pet of the Month' Winner!
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Winnie The Dood - October 'Pet of the Month' Winner!

My name is Winnie the dood - but - I am a girl. Currently 3 months old and I’m just a friendly pupper who has to say hi to everybody! My pawrents tell me I grew up on a farm in Missouri before co...

adoptdontshopNothing makes us HAPPIER!!!

Nothing makes us HAPPIER!!!

One of the AWESOME bonuses of having an ECO-friendly pet company is waking up in the morning - checking your social media - to see the smiling faces of your new Doggy Do Good Friends.  We love to g...

adoptdontshopOur Chief Barketing Manager

Our Chief Barketing Manager

A few years ago, I was doing my daily ritual of scrolling through social media when I saw this older dog, in need of a foster family, so she could get pulled out of a gassing facility.  You can i...