How to Travel with Your Pup!

How to Travel with Your Pup!

Airbnb - of course!!

We've been Airbnb guests both internationally and all over the U.S. since 2012.  But now - we're always traveling with our puppy child, Olive.  And, she doesn't fly - so we're keeping this particular post local (U.S. & Canada) and driveable.  Perfect for a summer family road trip.

We have stayed in hotels here and there with Olive - but - you do pay a pretty hefty fee to have your fur baby with you and it's simply not that comfortable.  In and out of the lobby caused her anxiety - a condensed area of strangers wanting to pet her - it just wasn't great all around.

But - Airbnb is the easiest solution and here are a few of our topmost brilliant - Pet-Friendly Accommodations in the U.S. (and one in Canada)


Nashville Pet Friendly Airbnb

Nashville, Tennessee (Goodletsville) - Cozy Pet Friendly Retreat Near Nashville - This spot is awesome - Donna is an animal loving 'host with the most' - It is a 35-40 min drive to get into downtown Nashville - but - well worth it to stay in one of our favorite spots.  Tons of outdoor (fenced-in) space - and private - her pups can be in another section of the yard.  Her accommodations go way above and beyond a traditional hotel or even an airbnb experience.  All kinds of snacks and travel sized items are provided - the bed is huge and comfortable - we are trying to find a reason to get back to Music City asap just to stay with Donna once again.


Tobermory Ontario Canada Pet Friendly Airbnb

Tobermory, Ontario (Canada) - Holy bananas YOU GUYS - Janet & Merv's Mermaid Boutique Guest House is a destination on to itself.  It was my Birthday and out of season (October) for the area of Tobermory - but - so stunning - we hiked and ate at the two restaurants that were still open.  Each morning - Janet made us an incredible breakfast and left it on the patio outside of our room.  They are lovely humans and Olive felt right at home to run around and enjoy her vacation as well!!  We almost applied for citizenship so we could stay forever - but - we're hoping to be back again soon.  An out of season experience was very chill - and relaxing - during the warmer weather months this area can be super busy - you'll be able to swim in the grottos and take the ferry to some of the surrounding islands - but there will be lines for dining and other activities.  But based on what we experienced during the colder months the wait will be worth it.


Charlotte North Carolina Pet Friendly Airbnb

Charlotte, North Carolina - Historic Dilworth Bungalow - I almost don't want to tell you about this spot - because it's like a secret little artistic maze.  But I think the jig is up because Susan is getting glowing Airbnb reviews.  The best way to describe her home is - Antiques Roadshow meets Alice in Wonderland sprinkled with an old Western Town.  Plus there's Jazz records, a grand piano, and a pinball machine!!  Wild.  My husband and I had planned to explore Charlotte - but we ended up just exploring this Airbnb.  We sat out in the back yard - read - played darts.  Walked the neighborhood which is right by a gorgeous park.  We can't wait to go back.  Olive particularly enjoyed the large front porch to watch the world and people passing by.

We have stayed in lots of pet-friendly spots but these three go way above and beyond.  They are so exceptional you could plan a trip to that area just to stay in this destination home.

I will keep updating as an exceptional stay comes our way.

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