Why are we so trashy??

Why are we so trashy??


Holy heck . . . it's trashy out here.  (And by here - I mean on the planet, earth.)

WHY, oh why do we need everything wrapped in a plastic container and then put into a doubled up plastic bag? (I'm talking to you CVS)  What the flip is going on here?

There's so much garbage and waste produced each and every day - by me and you - YIKES!!  Feel free to google the numbers, it's gross.

I have to be honest - Until this year, I pretty mindlessly went thru my day - hitting up Starbucks - running some errands and doing work at our Eco-Friendly Pet company (that's right I know better than to be such a dumpster human) . . .  and then, kicking around social media I began to see these hardworking zero waste humans - entire families - that are making amazing changes in how they live and how they shop, being extremely conscious with their choices and I was SO INSPIRED!!! 

If an entire family with many kids can pull it together and create less trash - certainly my husband and puppy child can make some changes!!  The first thing that came to mind when thinking about this subject was the beautiful words of Maya Angelou  "I did then what I knew how to do.  Now that I know better, I do better." But that's the bizarre thing about how we live our lives. 

I do know better.  I've known better for a long time now.   

But - I need to work harder - to become more diligent in my choices and in planning to shop and in being aware of what I'm grabbing off a shelf and if there is an alternative way to do this.  Reusable cloth bags - bamboo toothbrushes - stop with the straws and single-use bags already . . . taking some steps and building from there. 

That's all it is - "work harder at doing better." might be the more appropriate quote.

The earth is a stunning place to live and we really don't have a lot of other options.  If you want to stop using plastic bags to pick up your pups poop - You can make that switch right now - check out our video below.

I'd love to know more about what changes you've made that could help me on this path or tricks to living a less trashy lifestyle.  Leave a comment below.