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La Posada - A Pet Friendly Hotel

La Posada - A Pet Friendly Hotel

So, I just finished writing a post about how it's near to impossible to stay at a hotel comfortably with your pup.  It's expensive and stuffy and can sometimes cause stress for our little furry nu...

acommodationHow to Travel with Your Pup!

How to Travel with Your Pup!

Airbnb - of course!! We've been Airbnb guests both internationally and all over the U.S. since 2012.  But now - we're always traveling with our puppy child, Olive.  And, she doesn't fly - so we're ...

adoptdontshopDay Drinking for Dogs

Day Drinking for Dogs

I LOVE when things work out like this - it's kismet!!  We'd planned a trip to New Orleans for a Basketball Game (The Detroit Pistons vs The New Orleans . . . I don't know. . . ) and of course to v...

banthebagWhy are we so trashy??

Why are we so trashy??

Holy heck . . . it's trashy out here.  (And by here - I mean on the planet, earth.) WHY, oh why do we need everything wrapped in a plastic container and then put into a doubled up plastic bag? (I'...

adoptdontshopWe UnBoxed for YOU!!

We UnBoxed for YOU!!

So many folks are curious to see what a product is going to be like - before they pull the trigger on the purchase button. So Olive & I were up for the job. Thanks so much for checking out ou...

amazinghumansI can't stop CRYING at Gentle Barn, California

I can't stop CRYING at Gentle Barn, California

Ok, I was a little bit of a mess - it was a Sunday - Mother's Day, actually - we had just arrived at The Gentle Barn (one of our donation sanctuaries).  A group had been seated all together - that ...

adoptdontshopOur Chief Barketing Manager

Our Chief Barketing Manager

A few years ago, I was doing my daily ritual of scrolling through social media when I saw this older dog, in need of a foster family, so she could get pulled out of a gassing facility.  You can i...

amazinghumansA Vegan Thanksgiving - Our favorite Thanksgiving

A Vegan Thanksgiving - Our favorite Thanksgiving

This was a Thanksgiving we will never forget and truly changed the way we feast from that moment on.  My husband and I have been fans of the work of Ellie & Jay - the founders of Gentle Barn f...

allcreaturesgreatandsmallA Day Date to Sasha Farm

A Day Date to Sasha Farm

My sister is a hard lady to get a date with - she has a young son and is a school teacher - she lives a few hours away from us - her life is full . . . . but when we suggested a date to Sasha Farm...